Sunday, 25 November 2012 update :)

Hi everyone,

I finally have my laptop back so i can update you all on whats been going on! :) 

My last post was back in June following my 2nd adjustment appointment.
Since then i had my 3rd adjustment appointment on the 23rd August, where the last stage of wire was fitted in on the bottom as they had finally caught up with the top.  

My next appointment was a month ago now on 23rd October.
This was a 10 min appointment which then turned in to a 2 hour appointment.
I was called in for my appointment on time and as Hayley checked over my teeth (the lady who i usually have at my appointments) said she was just going to get Mr. Dibiase to come over and check my teeth.
He then came in and checked them and then my 2 hour appointment began as he sat me up and told me...


He then got Hayley to take new moulds and do new x-rays.

For the moulds, they had to take half my brace off, so that all i had on my teeth were the brackets.
After the moulds were taken i was handed a hand held mirror as the mould mix was everywhere!
As i looked in the mirror at my teeth without the wire i could not believe how lovely and straight my teeth were. I was then shown to the x-ray room where they did a full side x-ray and i was then shown back to the waiting room while my moulds were taken to the max fax lab to processed straight away.

Half an hour later i was called back into the max fax unit with Hayley to have my wires fitted back into my braces. They told me the only thing they needed to do now was try and move my lower jaw back a bit more, so that both my lower back teeth and top back teeth touched when i bite down. I have been given elastics for this that go from my lower front teeth upto my top back teeth on each side. I have to wear these constantly, only to be taken off when eating and brushing my teeth and they have to be changed twice a day. Also while Mr.Dibiase was there i mentioned to him that since my top teeth have moved back, i have noticed especially in pictures of me laughing, that it has given me a gummy smile. He then asked  me to give him a 'wide smile' and agreed with me that the top jaw also has to be done.
 I'm now going to have both lower and upper jaw surgery and a genioplasty.

I have now been booked back in for a 1 month follow up for Tuesday 27th november and then a joint ortho/surgeon appointment for 23rd April 2013! :) 

I still can't believe that i haven't even had my braces on year yet and i'm ready for surgery.
I couldn't be happier! :) 

Sorry its taken so long for me to update you all.