Sunday, 11 December 2011

Braces are finally on!

On Monday 5th dec i finally had my braces fitted on both the top and bottom :) The first three days i didn't like very much as i noticed that the wax i was given wasn't helping with a bit of wire at the back of my teeth which was digging into my cheek, but luckily where i work i have an orthodontist just upstairs and i managed to bump into a dental nurse who was able to fit me in with someone to have it clipped off as the pain was awful at the time making it difficult to move my mouth. Now that the wire is sorted out i already forget i have my braces on sometimes, i just need to to get used to eating with them now...i just want to bite into something! I think when i chew i'm too scared of braking a bracket off. I have 2 months or so to get used to everything now though as my next appt to have them tightened isn't until 20th feb 2012 now...cant wait to see my teeth straighten up! :) 


Saturday, 15 October 2011

6 teeth out!

On the 1st October i was admitted to the day surgery unit at the William Harvey Hospital to have my 6 teeth out! Was really nervous but on the day i was not as bad as i thought i was going to be in end, which im quite pleased with. I arrived at the day surgery at 8am on the saturday and my mum arrived all the way from essex at 8.30am to be there with me :) I had my blood pressure taken, which the nurse found difficult to do as my heart was pounding at the time so it took a good few minutes or so, i was weighed and i signed my forms to have the teeth out. Then i was given a gown and stockings to change into which i hated as i had to wear my dressing gown over the top and had to put on my slippers.... on one of the hottest days of the year! 30C outside!

Then we had to wait around for a few hours which wasnt too bad as it was on a weekend which was nice and quiet and you coulds walk around where you wanted to instead of waiting around on the ward. Before having my teeth out i saw my orthodontist surgeon twice who doubled checked with me the teeth i had out. I also met with my anesthetist about an hour before i was called. I was called down about 11:30am and a nurse walked me down to theatre. I was expecting to be put out in a side room and then when asleep wheeled into the theatre....but instead the nurse opened these double doors and my legs froze where i've never seen a theatre room before then i slowley moved towards the bed inside the theatre room where saw my xray on a massive tv screen which for some reason made me laugh :)  I then layed down on the bed where the nurse stuck these sticky things just below my shoulders...the anesthetist rubbed some cream on my left hand where they then inserted a tube they called a butterfly...the anesthetist instead of telling me to count to 10 told me to take 10 deep breaths as she inserted the needle. When i got to 4 i could feel my myself going lightheaded but i dont remember closing my eyes at all. Next thing i knew it was 2:30pm and was back on the ward. Apparently i came out of recovery at 12:45pm but i could of easily slept until the following morning! :)  

The recovery for having my teeth out was fine and was given a week off work. I was told to take 2 painkillers every 4 hours for a week, my mum thinks i've got a good pain threshold as i was only taking 1 painkiller every 6 hours until the wednesday night. I was also given antibiotics and a mouthwash. On the monday was when my swelling kicked in at its worst and lasted until the friday and the bruising showed on the wednesday and lasted until the saturday. 

My braces are now due to be fitted on the 5th December! cant wait! :)


My first pictures! :)

This first picture is me biting on my back teeth showing my bite.

                                 The second picture is my side shot of me biting on my back teeth
                                    where you can also tell that i posture my lower jaw forward.

    This last picture is of my lower jaw totally relaxed showing how bad my overbite is.


Friday, 7 October 2011

my first post! :)  

In September 2010 i decided to go ahead and have braces and jaw surgery treatment for my overbite which was causing me problems when eating, where my top teeth were biting my bottom lip, ending up in painful ulcers every few weeks! I was originally offered the treatment 6/7 years ago on the Nhs back when i was 15 which i refused at the time as i was such a nervous dentist patient. 
After a tough time getting my dentist (who i now don't trust at all) to refer me to an Nhs orthodontist back in feb 2011 i finally had my first Orthodontist appointment on the 28th April where a member of my orthodontist's team saw me and told me i would qualify perfectly for Nhs treatment :) I was then told measurement of my overjet is 15mm (not too sure about overbite measurement as i understand this is different, but will def find this out), i would most likely have teeth extractions with braces for around 15-18months leading upto lower jaw surgery where they could possibly move my lower jaw forward as far as 1cm.

Since then i have had moulds and xrays done and have had a joint orthodontist/surgeon appointment on 28th june where i met with my orthodontist (Mr Dibiase) for the 1st time and  a surgeon. In this appointment my treatment plan kind of came to a standstill until for a few months, after they both took a look at my xrays for a good few minutes! I was then told that they had to book me in for one last treatment planning appointment before they could continue with me as they needed to talk about how they were going to do my surgery, as my condyles show on my xray that they are 'flattening' instead of being twisted as they are supposed to be and because of that i could possibly end up with Condylar Resorption after my op.

 I was then re-booked in for 5th sept for my final treatment planning with Mr Dibiase which in the end went very well and he told me that they can do the surgery as planned as they can work their way around it. I also finally signed consent forms to get my braces, my ortho also told me that instead of just having my 4 pre molars out that i now needed 6 teeth out as they needed my lower wisdom teeth extracted as well so they have more room to play with when moving my lower jaw forward.

Sorry for the long post! 

hoping to upload a few pics later of my bite that iv taken and will also update more on whats been going on in the last month! :)