Saturday, 14 September 2013

Discharge Day - Friday 12.7.2013


The next morning i was woken up by a nurse who came in to give me more meds and a cup full of mouthwash and to also tell me that my surgeon would be round to check on me within the next hour. 

When my surgeon came round, he quickly checked my jaw/mouth over and said everything looked fine and then asked his assistant to book me in at the Maxillo Facial Unit downstairs with my Orthodontist for a quick X-ray before being discharged early afternoon. He also told me that underneath my chin is all soft tissue at the moment from the way my jaw used to be and that if he does decide to go ahead with a Genioplasty when the swelling goes down that it should just all stretch out. 

I then managed to call my dad wishing him a Happy 50th Birthday! How, i don't know! 

Within the hour i was being wheeled down to X-ray. After having the X-rays done My Orthodontist said i had such a perfect bite that he was going to wait until my ortho appt on Monday to fit class 2 elastics. He also gave me a copy of the side X-ray i had done before starting treatment, a copy of the side X-ray he'd just taken after surgery and a front view X-ray of the plates. 

^ ^
Before X-ray 2011

^ ^
After Side X-ray 12.7.2013

^ ^
After Front X-ray 12.7.2013

I was then taken back to my room on the ward where i was given milky porridge to try. I managed only a few mouthfuls and just carried on drinking lots of water instead. 

Another few hours passed and at 12pm they started serving lunch to which i was given tomato soup, this was a lot easier and managed most of it.


I think at this point Craig came in with a Cadbury's chocolate bar, so i was none too happy! 

Swelling staring to get get bigger.

My mum and Craig arrived shortly after i'd finished the soup and my mum was told i would be discharged by 3pm now instead as they was just waiting on the medication from pharmacy to be ready for me to take home. In the end i wasn't discharged until just after 6pm as the medication had to come in from another hospital. 

Going home was a long journey, with a heat wave starting and having to be in a car all hot, swollen and uncomfortable for over an hour, this was probably the worst part so far.  

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  1. Congratulations Lauren!

    Your new profile is brilliant, I cant believe how different it is! The xrays are great.

    Hope your recovery continues to go well!