Friday, 7 October 2011

my first post! :)  

In September 2010 i decided to go ahead and have braces and jaw surgery treatment for my overbite which was causing me problems when eating, where my top teeth were biting my bottom lip, ending up in painful ulcers every few weeks! I was originally offered the treatment 6/7 years ago on the Nhs back when i was 15 which i refused at the time as i was such a nervous dentist patient. 
After a tough time getting my dentist (who i now don't trust at all) to refer me to an Nhs orthodontist back in feb 2011 i finally had my first Orthodontist appointment on the 28th April where a member of my orthodontist's team saw me and told me i would qualify perfectly for Nhs treatment :) I was then told measurement of my overjet is 15mm (not too sure about overbite measurement as i understand this is different, but will def find this out), i would most likely have teeth extractions with braces for around 15-18months leading upto lower jaw surgery where they could possibly move my lower jaw forward as far as 1cm.

Since then i have had moulds and xrays done and have had a joint orthodontist/surgeon appointment on 28th june where i met with my orthodontist (Mr Dibiase) for the 1st time and  a surgeon. In this appointment my treatment plan kind of came to a standstill until for a few months, after they both took a look at my xrays for a good few minutes! I was then told that they had to book me in for one last treatment planning appointment before they could continue with me as they needed to talk about how they were going to do my surgery, as my condyles show on my xray that they are 'flattening' instead of being twisted as they are supposed to be and because of that i could possibly end up with Condylar Resorption after my op.

 I was then re-booked in for 5th sept for my final treatment planning with Mr Dibiase which in the end went very well and he told me that they can do the surgery as planned as they can work their way around it. I also finally signed consent forms to get my braces, my ortho also told me that instead of just having my 4 pre molars out that i now needed 6 teeth out as they needed my lower wisdom teeth extracted as well so they have more room to play with when moving my lower jaw forward.

Sorry for the long post! 

hoping to upload a few pics later of my bite that iv taken and will also update more on whats been going on in the last month! :)  



  1. Hi Lauren, thanks for following my blog. Sounds like me and you are fairly similar as I also live in Kent! What part of Kent do you live in? I live near Dartford and am having my surgery at Queen Mary's hospital in Sidcup. I have similar jaws to you. My overjet is about 10mm. I have the option of a genioplasty but not sure whether I will have that yet. I'm having upper jaw surgery too though as I have a gummy smile, a cant, and my midlines are off. I look forward to following your journey, it's nice to see other people from the UK on here!

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  3. Hi sarah...I live near canterbury and im having all my treatment done at the William Harvey Hopsital in Ashford as they have just built a new Max Fax unit. Yes im in the same situation with the genioplasty, as im going to be having my jaw surgery and then my surgeon wants to wait around 6-7 months after my op to see if i actually need a genioplasty. I cant wait just to have my braces put on :) Its reading all these blogs about other peoples journeys and seeing their results which has made it so much easier and made me decide to go for it! x