Saturday, 15 October 2011

6 teeth out!

On the 1st October i was admitted to the day surgery unit at the William Harvey Hospital to have my 6 teeth out! Was really nervous but on the day i was not as bad as i thought i was going to be in end, which im quite pleased with. I arrived at the day surgery at 8am on the saturday and my mum arrived all the way from essex at 8.30am to be there with me :) I had my blood pressure taken, which the nurse found difficult to do as my heart was pounding at the time so it took a good few minutes or so, i was weighed and i signed my forms to have the teeth out. Then i was given a gown and stockings to change into which i hated as i had to wear my dressing gown over the top and had to put on my slippers.... on one of the hottest days of the year! 30C outside!

Then we had to wait around for a few hours which wasnt too bad as it was on a weekend which was nice and quiet and you coulds walk around where you wanted to instead of waiting around on the ward. Before having my teeth out i saw my orthodontist surgeon twice who doubled checked with me the teeth i had out. I also met with my anesthetist about an hour before i was called. I was called down about 11:30am and a nurse walked me down to theatre. I was expecting to be put out in a side room and then when asleep wheeled into the theatre....but instead the nurse opened these double doors and my legs froze where i've never seen a theatre room before then i slowley moved towards the bed inside the theatre room where saw my xray on a massive tv screen which for some reason made me laugh :)  I then layed down on the bed where the nurse stuck these sticky things just below my shoulders...the anesthetist rubbed some cream on my left hand where they then inserted a tube they called a butterfly...the anesthetist instead of telling me to count to 10 told me to take 10 deep breaths as she inserted the needle. When i got to 4 i could feel my myself going lightheaded but i dont remember closing my eyes at all. Next thing i knew it was 2:30pm and was back on the ward. Apparently i came out of recovery at 12:45pm but i could of easily slept until the following morning! :)  

The recovery for having my teeth out was fine and was given a week off work. I was told to take 2 painkillers every 4 hours for a week, my mum thinks i've got a good pain threshold as i was only taking 1 painkiller every 6 hours until the wednesday night. I was also given antibiotics and a mouthwash. On the monday was when my swelling kicked in at its worst and lasted until the friday and the bruising showed on the wednesday and lasted until the saturday. 

My braces are now due to be fitted on the 5th December! cant wait! :)



  1. Congratulations on your successful tooth removal! Your post brings back memories of when I had my wisdom teeth out in January ready for braces. I felt like that op was a practice run for the actual surgery!

  2. thank u! its funny you should say that actually about the practise run, i said the exact same thing about it aswell... :)

  3. Lauren, this is also bringing me back to the start of my jaw journey about a year ago. Good luck with everything and I look forward to seeing your outcome!