Wednesday, 15 May 2013

BIG update

Hi everyone! 


Sorry if this post is really long, i have alot to try and remember, and i'm sorry again if i ramble on...

Where to start...

I've had a few appointments which i need to update you all on. Starting with the ortho appointment i attended on the 12th march which was only a quick one. This was just to get everything ready for my surgeon appointment i had booked for 23rd April.  
I had more molds of my teeth done and some pictures taken of the inside of my mouth.  


After a few more weeks of waiting i finally headed to my surgeon appointment with my mum. My appt was a 20min slot booked in for 2pm. In the waiting room i was getting so nervous! I haven't been that nervous since my driving test last November. Every time i heard the door that the nurses come out of to call a patient in i was constantly looking up waiting for my name to be called. This went on for another 30mins. Finally at just gone 2.30pm i was called in and taken into a side room with my Orthodontist Mr. Dibiase, my surgeon Mr. Mckenzie and another surgeon i had never met until now, Ms Coutts. As i sat down it was clear why i had gone in a bit late as they were debating if they should operate on my top jaw or not. I sat on the dentist chair in the middle of the room, all three consultants watching my every expression deciding on what to do. My surgeon Mr.Mckenzie got up and moved the dentist chair down so he could have a proper look at my jaw where he felt around the top jaw deciding if he were to operate, how much would he move my top jaw by. About a minute later he put the chair back up and sat on the desk opposite me and next to my mum, with Ms.Coutts to the left of me and Mr.Dibiase to my right. They all decided after that, that operating on my top jaw could possibly age me a bit, as they would only move it  by less than 2mm and there could be a chance that my top lip could sag. Ms.Coutts explained to us that when someones talking you should be able to  see their top teeth and that if they moved my top jaw by 2mm and my top lip was to sag then you wouldn't be able to see my top teeth at all. So it was agreed that they wouldn't be doing my top jaw. We then decided that they would be moving the lower jaw forward as planned and get me back a year later to do a Genioplasty. Then they all  looked over at each other double checking that i was 'ready to go' and this was the moment when my surgeon turns to my mum and i and told us that it will all be done in roughly 4-5 (at this point i expected him to say months being on an NHS waiting list) weeks!!!!!


They then wanted me to have another new side x ray taken and told me that i just need to get booked in with him again for what they call a 'work up clinic' which his secretary will arrange
  for me,where he will go into more depth about the op with me and take lots of measurements. My next ortho appt was already booked in for 14th may and Mr.dibiase said he would write in my notes for hayley (who usually deals with my braces) to put on my surgical hooks at that same appt.  

My mum and i headed down the corridor of the max fax unit so i could have the x ray done. When i came out  of x ray room, Mr.dibiase caught up with me and told me not to wear my elastics that i'v been wearing 24/7 and just to wear them at night from now on. He then said 'i'll you after surgery'. At that point it hit me. Im actually doing this! I turned around to my mum and we were both so excited and i had the biggest smile on my face but then all of a sudden tears rolled down my face as it hit me again and i realized i'm actually quite scared at the same time. Such a weird feeling being really excited but scared at the same time, but i cant wait to see my results!! 


Yesterday i had my appointment to have my surgical hooks put on (i will be uploading a picture as soon as i'v taken one) which i'm finding quite uncomfortable at the moment. I'v been booked back in for another ortho check up with hayley on the 15th july 'regardless' of if i'v had my surgery or not. Hayley also put in a reminder to my surgeon's secretary to book me in for my 'work up clinic' appt as this is something she will have to do. So now its just a case of waiting for that appointment to come through which i'm hoping wont be too long. 

*crosses fingers with a HUGE smile*  

X    X    X

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