Thursday, 27 June 2013

surgical hook pictures and next update :)


 I have some pictures of my surgical hooks, which have been on just over a month now :)

On Tuesday 25th June i had my first work up appointment with my surgeon where he did more impressions and i had to bite down on a bit of rubber that they will use as a 'wafer' to guide my bite into its new position during the operation. 

I was also given a date for my surgery!! :D 

3 weeks today...the 18th July!! 

Cant wait!

 Although i'm now also very nervous! I was told by my surgeon that i will be in hospital overnight and discharged on the Friday afternoon and the operation will only be around 2 hours or so as i'm only having my lower jaw done. 

I've been booked in for Monday 15th July for my next ortho appt (and last ortho appt before surgery) and then back again the next day on 16th July to meet again with my surgeon one last time before surgery on the Thursday. I'm also just waiting for what he called my 'MOT date' (pre-op assessment) to come through which i need to have before surgery.

Now i don't know if i have left this a bit late, but i kind of regret not double checking with my surgeon on Tuesday during my work up appt about not having my top jaw done and i don't know if it will be too late to still ask him just 2 days before my surgery which will be the next time i see him? The thing that's making me wonder again about my top jaw is this picture below....

Would my smile look fine with just my lower jaw coming forward?
I don't know if it would still look a bit 'gummy' ? 
My ortho said that i just have an 'active' smile?
I'm really not sure if i have left it too late to bring it up or not? 

X    X    X


  1. Hi Lauren, if you're worried about a gummy smile, lower jaw surgery won't fix it. I have a very similar smile with a hyper mobile lip and I'm having top and bottom done.
    I would definitely talk to your surgeon before your next appointment.
    Good luck! I'll be following your journey of recovery.

  2. Ditto what Chloe said! I also have a similar smile, and every surgeon and ortho I saw suggested a few mm of impaction. I would definitely check with your team. If you're going to do it, you might as well get it all done! Good luck! :)


  3. Hi, thanks for the advice :)

    I tried to get in touch with my surgeons secretary straight away on Monday morning but she's on annual leave this week so i can't do anything about it. So i'lldef initely be phoning again first thing Monday morning next week as she should be back :)