Sunday, 11 December 2011

Braces are finally on!

On Monday 5th dec i finally had my braces fitted on both the top and bottom :) The first three days i didn't like very much as i noticed that the wax i was given wasn't helping with a bit of wire at the back of my teeth which was digging into my cheek, but luckily where i work i have an orthodontist just upstairs and i managed to bump into a dental nurse who was able to fit me in with someone to have it clipped off as the pain was awful at the time making it difficult to move my mouth. Now that the wire is sorted out i already forget i have my braces on sometimes, i just need to to get used to eating with them now...i just want to bite into something! I think when i chew i'm too scared of braking a bracket off. I have 2 months or so to get used to everything now though as my next appt to have them tightened isn't until 20th feb 2012 now...cant wait to see my teeth straighten up! :) 



  1. Crazy, but I just got my braces on last Wednesday, which was...the 7th! I'm going in for a 3rd time and in 3 months my orthodontist will order 3 teeth out. I don't know why he's waiting so long since my teeth are already pretty straight. I also have an overbite (or recessed chin) and I'm going in for a lower jaw advancement, genioplasty and they are planning to reset my upper jaw to balance my bite since I have TMJ issues. How long will you be in braces!

  2. My orthodontist said around 15-18 months of braces, but i do think it will be much longer as the teeth on my bottom jaw need alot of straightening up! On the top its more a case of moving my teeth together and back instead of straightening, but i have already noticed some movement from where i had my teeth out as it looks like the 2 of the 4 gaps are getting smaller long will you be having your braces? x