Saturday, 7 January 2012

just over a month of braces...

Happy new year! Hope everyone had a good christmas :)

How was the first few months of braces for everyone else as i have never had braces before and have a few worries...

Just a week after having my braces put on a bracket came off at the back of one of my lower teeth while brushing my teeth with my electric toothbrush?? I was told by 3 different people in the orthodontist that you can use these with braces, but I've now gone back to a normal toothbrush just to be on the safe side.

Since that broken bracket i have gone back again for the second time to check on another bracket.
When i was cleaning my brace last week i noticed that one tooth, right at the back on the top right hand side had nothing on the it at all, no bracket or wire going across and hadn't felt anything come off at all? So i went to my orthodontist on wednesday and had it checked out. It wasn't my usual ortho though as it was just a lady who slots in people for broken braces and when she took a look she told me it was an upper wisdom tooth that had come through in the last few months and that they don't put brackets on 'wizzys' as she called them. But i'm defiantly sure that that was the tooth that when i first got my braces on, i was putting wax on this bracket as i remember having to stretch my mouth wide open to get to it? So 'im now just going to wait until i have my braces tightened on 20th feb and ask my usual ortho about it who should be able to tell from my notes. Only thing is at the moment, i'm worried that if there was a bracket there and it has come off, have i missed out on around 2 months of treatment where my braces haven't been working as well as they should be?

 last of all...I have found it really hard to get used to eating this past month even though i'm staying away from all hard and sticky foods, the foods i am allowed to be eating i'm finding difficult as i'm still very paranoid that i will brake my brace again. I have been told to stick to my back teeth for now for biting and chewing. how long did it take everyone else to start eating properly with them?



  1. A week but don't worry u will start eating normal soon

  2. Hi,nice are you?beauty silversmile,have you headgear too?
    Good luck!

  3. Hi, yes I'm fine thank you :) no I don't need headgear just braces before surgery :) what is it your having done?