Saturday, 9 June 2012

7 months in braces!


Sorry i haven't posted in a LONG while, i will defiantly start keeping this blog up to date more often...

Cant believe its now been 7 months since i had my braces put on...and what a difference! I love how my teeth are lovely and straight already! :) I'm so pleased with everything so far and i cant wait for my extraction gaps to entirely close up...

I had my braces tightened for the first time on the 23rd March, i didn't get seen by Mr.Dibiase this time as he had to rush off to theatre. I was seen by a lady who covered for my ortho and was told my first four months of treatment had gone really well and that my top teeth had completely all moved back into a perfect position so she fitted in a much thicker looking wire to keep them in this position and fitted the next stage of wire through on the bottom. Just as she was finishing with my braces Mr.Dibiase came back into the room and agreed that everything was going well.   :) 

                         19th June is my next ortho appt to have my braces tightened.

                          I will defiantly post some more pics hopefully tomorrow...  :)

                                                                    x x x

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