Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Orthodontist appt update

I had my 2nd adjustment appt today and i'm a bit disappointed that i didn't see Mr.Dibiase again as the clinic was running late so i saw a lady who i have previously seen once before when i broke my brace back in December. I now have the last stage of wire in on my top teeth, also now along with elastics on to close the extraction gaps. The bottom teeth have abit of catching up to do, as today the second to last stage of wire was put on. While i was there i asked if they could roughly tell how long it would be until i was put onto a waiting list for surgery and was told that once my bottom teeth have caught up with the top and everything perfectly straight and there are no more gaps they will take moulds again and fit them together to see how my teeth would look after surgery. Once they have those moulds and are happy with them is when they will place me on waiting list. 

My next adjustment is booked for 21st august and i will be having the last stage of wire and elastics placed in on the bottom :) 

I will try and get another picture of my top teeth with the elastics on uploaded in the next few days as my camera seems to like to blur when taking close up pictures of my teeth, so i have to take quite a few until i get a good one! 

                                                                    x  x  x


  1. Hi Lauren, not sure if I've asked you this before, but what hospital are you at? I live in Kent too and am at Queen Mary's hospital in Sidcup (one of three South London hospitals in massive debt...great lol).

  2. Hi Sarah, i'm having all my treatment done at the Willaim Harvey Hospital in Ashford. Do you have a surgery date yet? x

  3. hi Lauren! hang in there! braces suck, but it'll be worth it :)
    if you ever have any questions about surgery or recovery or whatever, I will gladly answer them!! my emails on my blog at myjawadventures.blogspot.com
    I'd consider myself a pro by now :)
    good luck!