Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My last Surgeon appointment and my Pre-op :)

Today i had a day off to attend my LAST surgeon appt and A pre-op before my op on Thursday. 

On Monday morning i had a call from the hospital to tell me that my Surgeon said i can just turn up the Max Fax Unit at 10.30am without having an appt booked and he would just see me for my 'Wafer try in' :) 

The receptionist was fine about me not having an appt and let the nurse know that i had arrived. 

My surgeon said my Wafer that they will be using during the surgery to guide my jaw and teeth into their new position fitted perfectly! 

I then asked a couple of questions and he again warned me about the numbness of my bottom jaw for when i wake up and to be prepared for some of the feeling not to come back. I asked if it was normal that when he asked me to slide my jaw forward which he did earlier on in the appt after he made sure the wafer fitted, if it was normal not to have all my teeth touching together, to which he explained that when i wake up apart from being banded shut, i will notice that only my upper and lower very front teeth with be touching and not any of the back ones and that the next 6 months of braces post-op will move my teeth again into another position where they will all finally all touch together before finally having my braces taken off. 

I also asked about relapse as i was given a high chance of relapse before all my treatment started as i was considered a 'challenging case'. Thinking about it I wasn't sure how a relapse would happen if my jaw was all plated and screwed together? 

He explained that its the muscles under the tongue and around the top of the neck pull the lower jaw back and that relapse could happen at either 2 stages. It could either happen within the first 18 months of being post-op or it could be years to come down the line, and that if it were to happen it would only be a slight gap that would reappear, it wouldn't go back to the same size gap i have now. He then reassured me that when doing my op on Thursday they are going to do all the necessary movements when moving my jaw forward to hopefully stop this from occurring.

I did ask him about not having my top jaw done and he reassured me that it was the right thing to do.

I'm also going to have my top wisdom teeth taken out during the op as my surgeon said if he were to leave them in that they could end up constantly catching both sides of my cheeks so it would be best just to take them out there and then.

After i left my surgeon appt i had a few hours to kill before my Pre-op at 2.30pm, so My boyfriend (Craig) and i went to wonder around a few shops for a few hours :) 

I got to my pre-op appt at 2.15pm and had to fill out a questionnaire about my health whilst i was waiting for the nurse to call my name. I was called in around 5 minutes later where the nurse went through my questionnaire with me to double check all the information was correct. She then did my blood pressure, weight and height, MRSA swabs (under my arms and up my nose! which i have never heard of!) and then i had to have a blood test where she took 3 tubes of blood for a few different things. At this point i thought Craig looked a bit pale! I was told not to be alarmed on Thursday morning as they will be doing another blood test when i arrive for admission. I was then talked through that after the op and when in recovery that i will have to have an injection that they do for every patient that has an op over an hour long as it reduces the risk of blood clot.

My pre-op nurse then gave me LOTS of leaflets about the procedure i'm having, the anesthetic, pre-meds (if i want one), signing consent forms, and where i have to go on the day and what ward i will be on after coming out of recovery. I then asked on my way out where i was on my surgeons operating list and i'm 4th in which should roughly be around 11ish. 


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