Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Shopping for Jaw Surgery supplies!

I've finally done my shopping for everything i need for my op on Thursday! 

I managed to get everything i could think of including;

* x2 boxes of Complan (1 box of chocolate and 1 box of strawberry  - x4 sachets per box )
* Baby toothbrush
* Baby Spoons
* Tub of Vaseline
* 3 packs of face wipes
* Box of Straws 
* Plastic Cup 
* x2 boxes of tissues 
* V-Shaped pillow 
* Pyjamas and a pair of Slippers for the hospital stay

I wasn't sure how many Complan boxes to buy, so my mum suggested buying just the 2 for now and then if needed she can just pop out and buy a few more for me next week :) 

I'm hoping i haven't forgot anything important!  

X   X   X


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